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It is human nature to ask for the price of a Home Inspection first.  The first questions that should be asked should relate to the inspectors knowledge and thoroughness. You didn't look for the lowest priced realtor because the 3% commision was too high. You wanted the home of your dreams so you went with the best. Don't stop now. Spending less than 0.2% of your purchase price now can save you thousands.

If quality is what you want then call now. My prices aren't the cheapest nor are they the most expensive.

1001-1300 300
1301-1700 325
1701-2100 375
2101-2500 400
2501-2900 425
2901-3300 450
3301-3700 475
3701-4000 500
Pool or Spa 50

Termite inspections are performed by a licenced termite applicator. You pay me and I will schedule the termite inspection and pass the fee on to the inspector.  I don't take any referal fee for this service.  You may choose your own termite inspector and pay them directly if you wish.

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All major credit cards through PayPal even if you don't have an account. A 3% processing fee applies.